Load Cells & Weigh Bars

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Keeping a Sense of Balance

Load cells and weigh bars detect force and convert it to an electrical signal, readable by an indicator. Many are interchangeable across brands, kind of like the batteries in your TV’s remote control. Count on us to help you find the right fit for your equipment and preferences.

What to consider when buying load cells and weigh bars

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The capacity of your load cells or weigh bars must align with the capacity of your equipment in order to keep your scale working properly.


Each load cell or weigh bar features one of several connection types. Before purchasing, make sure the load cell or weigh bar’s connection type matches your existing scale components.

Size and mounting method

Much like connection type, the dimensions and mounting method can vary by type of equipment, year, make and model. Our experienced staff will ensure you get a load cell or weigh bar that fits properly.

Finding the Right Part

No matter what scale you have or who you bought it from, it’s our priority to keep your scale system working properly. Our experienced staff will ask you for a few details about your equipment in order to determine which load cell or weigh bar fits your needs. Here’s some helpful information to have available when you speak with a representative or fill out the Request A Quote form online:

Did you purchase your scale system from us?

If so, we can simply pull up your account information and find a replacement part to match your order.

If not, no problem!

We’ll ask you a few questions in order to find the right part. If you are able to provide the information below, it will speed up the process of determining what part(s) will fit the best.

Part Number

If you can find a part number on the load cell or weigh bar you need to replace, we’ll take it from there and provide available options.

Equipment Type, Make, Model and Year

If you don’t have a part number, we’ll need to know some details about your equipment. We’ll start with the basics, such as the type of equipment you’re using. In some cases, the components are universal and this is enough information to determine what you need. In other cases, we’ll need to work through a few more details.

Equipment Details

Depending on the equipment type, make, model and year, we may need more details to ensure proper fit and optimal performance. Our staff will walk through these details with you to make sure you’re getting the correct parts. Here are some common questions we might ask:

Can you see a brand name on your current load cell or weigh bar? Sometimes this information is found on the cable attached to it.

What does the cable plug into? Typically you will see bare wires that connect into a junction box, a connector that screws onto a long junction block, or a plug connector that fits into a DT6 junction bank.

What color is the load cell or weigh bar? What color are the wires connecting to it?

What is the diameter of the weigh bar? This question typically comes up when dealing with grain carts.

Is your faulty load cell or weigh bar less than 3 years old? If so, it may be covered under warranty. If you have your serial number available, we can check for you.

Why Choose Scale-Tec

We believe every farm is different with a unique set of challenges. We build exceptional scale components, engineered to adapt to your operation’s needs. But as farmers ourselves, we know that’s not enough. That’s why we’re here to support you, no matter what scale you have or who you bought it from.

Count on us to help you repair a damaged scale system and get you back up and running. Let us help you install a new scale kit or recommend ways to upgrade your existing system. Ask us to help you choose what kind of scale technology is right for your operation, based on your goals and preferences. One-of-a-kind challenges like yours have fueled our innovation for more than 25 years. Let us help you find the solution!

Request a Quote

Tell us about your equipment and our experienced staff will build you a customized quote. Be sure to include your contact information – we will reach out with any final questions in order to deliver accurate pricing.