Fertilizer & Manure Spreaders

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Savings Spread Everywhere

Added efficiency means big savings – especially when it comes to your most expensive input. A Scale-Tec scale on your spreader helps you reduce waste, apply with greater precision, document your fertilizer applications and more.

What’s Included

Every spreader kit includes these components, customized for your equipment setup
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Weigh Bars / Load Cells
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Cables & Wiring
Junction Bank icon
DT6 Junction Bank
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Hardware icon
Manual icon
Instruction Manual
(Not all kits require brackets, but they are included in the kits that do)

We Recommend

We recommend the following products to expand your scale’s capability and maximize the benefits it can offer (sold separately).

Reasons to Install a Scale

Calibrate fast and easy

Apply fertilizer to a known number of acres and use the scale to calculate how many pounds per acre you distributed. Adjust the rate accordingly, and repeat the process to verify accuracy as conditions change.

Reduce waste and expense

Granular size of the product, density of the product and major weather events all affect how the granules fall from your spreader. A scale helps you avoid the cost of over-application and the negative impact of under-application.

Provide documentation

Prove the calibration of your fertilizer spreader and provide documentation when necessary.

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Improve loadout efficiency

Avoid overfilling or underfilling your hopper.

Buy fertilizer in bulk

Maximize your cost efficiency and verify you’re getting what you pay for.

Increase commercial business

Custom applicators: earn a competitive edge with your customer by verifying the amount you applied matches the amount they purchased.

Why Choose Scale-Tec

We believe every farm is different with a unique set of challenges. We build exceptional scale components, engineered to adapt to your operation’s needs. But as farmers ourselves, we know that’s not enough. That’s why we’re here to support you, no matter what scale you have or who you bought it from.

Count on us to help you repair a damaged scale system and get you back up and running. Let us help you install a new scale kit or recommend ways to upgrade your existing system. Ask us to help you choose what kind of scale technology is right for your operation, based on your goals and preferences. One-of-a-kind challenges like yours have fueled our innovation for more than 25 years. Let us help you find the solution!

Request a Quote

Tell us about your equipment and our experienced staff will build you a customized quote. Be sure to include your contact information – we will reach out with any final questions in order to deliver accurate pricing.