About Us

We come to work every day knowing why we’re here – to serve farmers.

We are farmers! In fact, that’s how Scale-Tec began. On an evening in 1991, five miles east of Anamosa, Iowa, Julie Von Muenster came home to find the family dining room table covered in scale parts. Ken Von Muenster was bound and determined to get the scale on his New Holland 355 Grinder Mixer back into working order. When that was done, he started to support other farmers in the area who were experiencing similar problems.

Fast forward to 2012. Nick Von Muenster is serving his country, flying CH-47 Chinook helicopters in Iraq. He gets the call that his duty is finished, and he can go back home. Scale-Tec is growing. Ken and Nick begin working together, defining new standards and establishing Scale-Tec as the authority in scale system innovation.

Today, we serve farmers across the United States and all of North America. While the scope of our products and services has grown significantly, we’re still on the Von Muenster farm in northeast Iowa. We still gather around for lunch in the machine shop. We are still rooted in support and service.


We support, serve, innovate and integrate.
We are Scale-Tec, where accuracy powers profitability.



Our top priority is having your back. We know that our success is completely dependent upon yours, and we’re with you every step of the way to help wherever we can.


We try to keep it simple at Scale-Tec. We’re here to help your operation become more profitable through efficiency and accuracy. If the answer to accuracy on your operation is something we can provide – or even if it isn’t – our duty is to help you get there.


Every farm is different – your neighbor’s farm is not your farm. We are experts and innovators, and we excel in custom solutions.


We make the iron and the iPhone talk to one another. We connect the dots between you and your hired help. Technology only works if it makes things simpler, and simpler things take less time. Our goal isn’t to tie you to technology; it’s to free you from tedious tasks.